Le Serpent aux mille coupures

Thousand Cuts
Eric Valette
FRA 2016
104 min

An unnamed assassin barges into an isolated farm and ties up Omar and his wife Stephanie, keeping them in line with an implied threat to their young daughter Zoe. However, the situation isn’t quite as clearcut as it seems – the victims of the motorcycle-riding killer are all high up in a far right/organized crime cartel from Colombia and Omar – a senegalese married to a French woman – has been the target of a sustained campaign of racist abuse and vandalism perpetrated by his nasty neighbors. While the local cops are out of their depth with the high-profile investigation, cartel killer Tod comes to the region to wreak revenge for the killings. In the end all factions converge on the farm. (Kim Newman)

In the presence of Eric Valette.

  • Tomer Sisley - unnamed assassin
  • Terence Yin - Tod
  • Pascal Greggory - Massé du Réaux
  • Stéphane Debac - Jean-François Neri
  • Cédric Ido - Omar Petit
  • Erika Sainte - Stéphanie
  • Herve Albertazzi
  • Eric Valette
  • Jean-François Hensgens
  • Charles Autrand
  • Sébastien Prangère
  • Mike Theis
  • Christophe Boulanger
  • Catherine Cosme
  • Manokoune Cecile
The French Connection, Capture (The Flag) Films

SND Gruppe M6

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