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Sansho dayu

Ein Leben ohne Freiheit
Mizuguchi Kenji
Japan 1954
124 min

One of the greatest of Kenji Mizoguchi’s films, SANSHÔ DAYÛ is also one of the greatest works of the cinema. The story of a family’s quiet endurance as it is split up and its members are sold into slavery and prostitution in 11th-century Japan is very delicately balanced between tenderness and remove. SANSHÔ DAYÛ “moves from easy poetry to difficult poetry,” wrote Roger Greenspun when the film had its belated New York premiere in 1969. “Its impulses, which are profound but not transcendental, follow an aesthetic program that is also a moral progression, and that emerges, with superb lucidity, only from the greatest art.” (New York Film Festival)

  • Tanaka Kinuyo - Tamaki
  • Hanayagi Yoshiaki - Zushiô
  • Kagawa Kyoko - Anju
  • Sugai Ishirô - Minister of Justice
  • Yoda Yoshikata
  • Fuji Yahiro
  • based on a story by Ogai Mori
  • Miyagawa Kazuo
  • Otani Iwao
  • Miyata Itsuzo
  • Hayasaka Fumio
  • Yamamoto Uichiro
  • Ueno Yoshio
Kadokawa Corporation
Kadokawa Corporation

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