Jia Zhangke
J, FRA, Südkorea, 2002

Jobless best friends Xiao Ji and Bin Bin have lots of time on their hands. Xiao Ji has a crush on Qiao Qiao, a pretty dancer/model. The fact she has a thug boyfriend doesnt seem to bother him. He doesnt see the point of living past the age of 30. Bin Bins mother thinks her son should join the army, while Bin Bin doesnt believe the future exists. Their provincial city of Datong is closer to Mongolia than to Beijing. But new highways are shortening the distance to the capital, and television keeps them up-to-date on Chinas ever-changing role in world politics and economy. For a generation that sees the future dictated by financial gain, its sometimes difficult to resist the temptation of easy money.

  • Zhang Yang
  • Jia Zhangke
  • Liang Jiangdong
  • Yu Lik Wai
  • Zhao Tao - Qiao Qiao
  • Zhao Weiwei - Bin Bin
  • Wu Qiong - Xiao Ji
  • Zhou Qingfeng - Yuan Yuan
  • Wang Hongwei - Xiao Wu
  • Bai Ru - Bin Bins Mutter
  • Liu Xian - Xiao Jis Vater
  • Chow Keung
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35 mm