Pier Paolo Pasolini, Giovannino Guareschi
I 1963
103 min

After finishing Mama Roma, Pasolini accepted an offer made by a small newsreel producer, Gastone Ferranti, to make a compilation film about modern society problems. The project soon expanded into a feature length film. The visual material was taken from 90,000 meters of newsreels. (...) The film was reduced to a medium length version which was juxtaposed with another film of the same length directed by Giovannino Guareschi. Ferranti orchestrated a kind of visual «duel» between the two writers, whose films actually really had nothing in common; the gimmick, however did not catch (..) and the film was quickly ditched. (Roberto Chiesi)

  • Teil 1: Pier Paolo Pasolini; Teil 2: Giovannino Guareschi
  • Teil 1: Pier Paolo Pasolini
  • Nino Bragli
  • Mario Serandrei; Teil 2: Giacinto Solito
Open Film Gastone Ferranti
Minerva Pictures Group Via Emilio Bianchi 00142 Rom, Italien
35 mm
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