Trial, The
Gerald Igor Hauzenberger
AUT 2011
116 min

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Anti terrorist squads descend upon animal rights activists as if they were the most dangerous enemies of the state. Although there is no concrete evidence against them, they are imprisoned for an alleged conspiracy and malicious injury of property. International media sarcastically report on this judicial farce which would become on of the longest trials in Austrian history. The special authority granted by the so called Mafia Paragraph 278a is still used against hundreds of individuals who take part in political rallies. The film follows the case as closely as possible from different angles – members of the police force were not allowed to speak about the proceedings while the trial still lasted – but its main focus lies on the fate of some of the defendants from pre-trial custody release to the financially and psychologically extremely challenging trial itself.

  • Gerald Igor Hauzenberger
  • Gerald Igor Hauzenberger
  • Dominik Spritzendorfer
  • Michael Palm
  • Michael Palm
  • Bernhard Fleischmann
FrameLab Filmproduktion

FrameLab Filmproduktion

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