John Turturro
I, USA 2010
95 min

Passione is a journey to the end of a juke-box, the biggest in the world: Naples, a treasure chest of songs, indeed a homeland of songs, a legend which starts with the founding myth of muses. Songs and singers, musicians and poets, real and legendary characters are all protagonists of a film which crosses one of the most beautiful, famous and controversial metropolises in the world, one of the very few able to embody an idea of life.
There are places that do something to you, deep down in your unconscious, in your soul. Naples is that for me, as it has been for so many other people in the arts, poets, writers, painters, musicians throughout the ages. I don’t know why, but I fell in love with the place. The landscape, the poverty, the pain, the sea, the volcano, the coffee, the danger, the beauty, the dirt, the driving, the mystery, the sensuality, the food, the craziness, the irony, and the people, most of all, the people. Its power is big, a melting pot of sound and images. It reminds me of New York, especially in the 70’s, but more crushed, like a great pesto. (John Turturro)

On October, 28th, in the presence of John Turturro.

  • John Turturro - Bernie Bernbaum
  • Mina
  • Spakka-Neapolis 55
  • Avion Travel
  • Misia
  • Pietra Montecorvino
  • Massimo Ranieri
  • Lina Sastri
  • M’Barka Ben Taleb
  • Gennaro Cosmo Parlato
  • Peppe Barra
  • Angela Luce
  • John Turturro
  • Federico Vacalebre nach einer Idee von Carlo Macchitella
  • Marco Pontecorvo
  • Antonio Barba
  • Simona Paggi
  • Giuà
Skydancers SRL Squeezed Heart Productions

Beta Film

35 mm
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