Paris Is Happening
Bertrand Bonello
FRA, DEU, B 2016
130 min

Bertrand Bonello directs this provocative account of a group of young, multiracial radicals whose terrorist attacks on Paris lead to a massive manhunt. Some major European film festivals rejected to show NOCTURAMA. No doubt, this work raises the question: how does a film in the 2010’s deal with terrorism?

In the presence of Bertrand Bonello.

  • Finnegan Oldfield - David
  • Vincent Rottiers - Greg
  • Hamza Meziani - Yacine
  • Manal Issa - Sabrina
  • Martin Guyot - André
  • Jamil Mc Craven - Mika
  • Rabah Nait Oufella - Omar
  • Laure Valentinelli - Sarah
  • Ilias Le Doré - Samir
  • Robin Goldbronn - Fred
  • Bertrand Bonello
  • Léo Hinstin
  • Nicolas Cantin
  • Bertrand Bonello
  • Katia Wyszkop
Rectangle Productions

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