Curtis Harrington
USA 1961
84 min

Johnny Drake, a young sailor on leave and at loose ends, wanders the ramshackle amusement piers of a seaside community. Shyly, he strikes up a conversation with a dark-haired girl listening to jazz at the local coffee shop. This is Mora, a lovely, ethereal young woman, who turns out to be one of the piers' prize exhibits - a living mermaid! Naturally, Johnny doesn't buy the old fish tale that this troubled girl is a true denizen of the deep, but disturbing and tantalizing clues start to hint at a supernatural explanation for her otherworldly behavior. Who is the strange woman in black who mutters in an indecipherable tongue and seems to taunt Mora with memories of an earlier aquatic existence? Why does Mora share such an affinity with the local. What really happened bet-ween Mora and her two previous boyfriends, the ones whose drowned bodies wash up on a lonely stretch of beach? Will Johnny find out the answers before it's too late, or will the siren song of an ancient race lure him into the sea and the night tide of a watery death?

This film is screened together with <filmlink id=\"2845\">On the Edge</filmlink>.
1949, Curtis Harrington, 6 min

  • Dennis Hopper - Caesar
  • Tom Dillon
  • Linda Lawson
  • Gavin Muir
  • Luana Anders
  • Marjorie Eaton
  • H.E. West
Aram Katarian, Jules Schwartz, H. Duane Weaver
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