Night Moves

Kelly Reichardt
USA 2013
112 min

NIGHT MOVES follows three clandestine activists scheming to blow up a dam – and the ways their lives unravel in the aftermath. Josh, Dena, and Harmon are meant to perform their act of eco-terror and then go their separate ways. But when the full results of their actions come to light, a clean getaway may prove more elusive than they’d anticipated. This is a film about a plot; it is also a far more plot-heavy film than we’re accustomed to seeing from this most austere of auteurs. Perhaps it is best to think of NIGHT MOVES as Reichardt’s personal spin on a genre – but which genre? The film slips seamlessly from a suspenseful thriller into a tale of moral consequence. Only a filmmaker as adept at tone as Reichardt could make such a transition so fluidly. And only a filmmaker with Reichardt's integrity could keep us so captivated, questioning our sympathies and wondering how to navigate our political conscience in troubled times. (Jane Schoettle)

  • Jesse Eisenberg - Josh
  • Dakota Fanning - Dena
  • Peter Sarsgaard - Harmon
  • Alia Shawkat - Surprise
  • Logan Miller - Dylan
  • Kai Lennox - Sean
  • Kelly Reichardt
  • Jon Raymond
  • Christopher Blauvelt
  • Kent Sparling
  • Kelly Reichardt
  • Jeff Grace
  • Elliott Hostetter
  • Victoria Farrell
Tipping Point Productions, Maybach Film Productions, RT Features, Film Science

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