Paul Rosdy
AUT 2005
100 min

Neue Welt is a richly photographed journey through old and new worlds across much of Central Europe, once part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy with lands known as Bohemia, Transylvania, Dalmatia, Galicia, and Bukowina, among others. The film travels from the old world into the new, from Sarajevo to Vienna to Romania, from Trieste to the Bay of Kotor, from the Hungarian Puszta to the Ukraine. Through music and stories, anecdotes and legends, turn-of-the-century guidebooks and newspaper clippings, scenes from today, and films and photographs from the first years of the twentieth century a collage emerges, of real people struggling, surviving, and living between the worlds of tradition, change and upheaval. Filmmaker Paul Rosdy spent several years researching and making Neue Welt. Fascinated by 100-year-old newspaper articles and travel guides that were written for a new era of railroads and sightseeing, he set out to rediscover a region that was shattered just as it entered the modern age.

The film will also be screened in the OmdU version.

  • Denisa Avdibegovic
  • Rabbi Moishe Leib Koleshnik
  • Aljona Kozubovskaja
  • Milos Milosevic
  • Paul Rosdy
  • Peter Roehsler
  • Robert Winkler
  • Wolfgang Thaler
  • Attila Boa
  • Michal Pajdiak
  • Hrvoje Duracek
  • Joan Grossman
  • Paul Rosdy
  • Rudolf Melichar
Rosdy Film KEG Lustkandlgasse 51/4-5 1090 Wien T 1 319 81 42

Rosdy Film KEG Lustkandlgasse 51/4-5 1090 Wien T 1 319 81 42

Filmladen Mariahilfer Straße 58/7, 1070 Wien T 1 523 43 62 0,
35 mm
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