Avi Mograbi
Israel, FRA, 2005

Avi Mograbis well-deserved reputation for systematically baiting the official policies of the Israeli government will spread even further with his explosively provocative documentary essay Avenge But One Of My Eyes. On the one hand, he visits the Occupied Territories to document the treatment of Arabs at the hands of the Israeli army, depriving them of economic means and, even worse, basic human dignity. Against this he contrasts two rituals, dear to the hearts of most Israelis. One, which takes place on top of the mount Massada, celebrates the Hebrew uprising against the Roman occupation, when the besieged Jews committed suicide rather than surrender. The other honours Samson, the Biblical hero who, in an act of ultimate sacrifice, pulled down the Philistine temple on himself and all those around him. (Dan Fainaru)

  • Dominique Vieillard
  • Avi Mograbi
  • Philippe Bellaïche
  • Avi Mograbi
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35 mm