Tribute Ed Lachman


Stacy Cochran
USA 1991
99 min

Stacy Cochran has set her quirky little comedy in the familiar world of East Coast suburbs, where nothing much seems to be going on at any given moment. Its a placid, docile existence for Debbie Bender, the quiet, almost cloyingly normal wife of M.D. hubby Gerald, until her husband takes it into his head to buy her a revolver for her protection. Debbie, terrified of this nickel-plated intruder in her nightstand, begins to have nightmares about it, and finally agrees to let next door neighbor/resident mysterious guy Skippy «borrow» the offending item for a while. What on earth he needs the gun for is left deliberately sketchy as are many things in this film, much to its benefit. (Marc Savlov)

  • Diane Lane - Debbie Bender
  • James LeGros - Skippy
  • Stephen Collins - Gerald Bender
  • Tess Harper - Kimmy Hayes
  • Bruce Altman - Irwin Bloom
  • Maddie Corman - Myra
  • Bill Raymond - Andrew
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman - Chris
  • Patti Chambers - Janice Phee
  • Stacy Cochran
  • Ed Lachman
  • Ed Novick
  • Camilla Toniolo
  • Pat Irwin
  • Toby Corbett
  • Eugenie Bafaloukos
New Gun Inc.

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35 mm
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