Chen Jianjun
VR, China 2001
88 min

The film tracks a Kazakh family in Xinjiang, Chinas westernmost province, over the course of a year. The Kazakhs are ethnically related to the people of Kazakhstan and speak the same language. But, while Kazakhstan was molded by the Soviets into a nation of farmers and workers, the Kazakhs of Xinjiang have retained their nomadic life, their bond with nature, and their love for animals and horses. The crew follows a typical nomad family, which includes 11 children, while family members seek grass for their beasts. They endure incredible hardships, sometimes going several days without food. In spite of this, they have moments of joy and beauty.

  • Shen Jian
  • Roger Savage
  • Chen Jianjun
China Central Television 11 Fuxing Road Beijing 100859, China

Documentary Educational Resources 101 Morse Street Watertown, MA 02472, USA T 617 926 0491

35 mm
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