Isabel Coixet
ESP, CAN 2002

Ann is twenty-three. She lives with her two daughters and her husband, who spends most of his time unemployed, in a trailer in a suburb of Vancouver. One day Anns
existence changes completely after a medical check-up, when she learns from her doctor that she only has two or three months to live. Ann compiles a list of the things she wants to do before she dies and soon discovers the appetite for life.

I look at the five cans which hold the first print of the film. I think of the tears, of the answered prayers. I think of all the people who have made this film what it is. The worst thing about making films is the feeling of emptiness when theyre finished. The emptiness after this film is very, very great. (Isabel Coixet)

  • Sebastian Salm
  • Isabel Coixet
  • Katia Stano
  • Carol Lavallee
  • Jean Claude Larrieu
  • Alfonso De Villalonga
  • Sarah Polley - Ann
  • Amanda Plummer - Laurie
  • Scott Speedman - Don
  • Leonor Watling - Nachbarin
  • Deborah Harry - Anns Mutter
  • Lisa Jane Robison
El Deseo D.A., S.L.U. Francisco Navacerrada 24 28028 Madrid, Spanien T 91 724 81 99,

Focus Features 65 Bleeker Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10012, USA T 212 539 4000, F 212 539 4099

Tobis Studio Canal (im Vertrieb der Constantin Fim) Zollergasse 36, 1070 Wien T 1 521 28 200, F 1 521 28 203
35 mm
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