Hernán Rosselli
Argentinien 2014
80 min

Mauro goes over the city buying things. Anything, no matter what. Because Mauro is a “passador”, as in the streets they call a man who exchanges fake bills. Marcela and Luis live together. She’s newly pregnant. Luis and Mauro decide to set up a little printing house to produce counterfeit money as an artisanal work. Mauro exchanges the money by night, in bars and discotheques. He moves discreetly, always alone; until he meets Paula.

In the presence of Hernán Rosselli.

  • Mauro Martinez - Mauro
  • Juliana Inae Simoes Risso - Juliana
  • José Pablo Suarez - José
  • Victoria Bustamante - Victoria
  • Patricia Fouret - Patricia
  • Pablo Ramos - Pablo
  • Hernán Rosselli
  • Hernán Rosselli
  • Catriel Vildosola
  • Delfina Castagnino
  • Hernán Rosselli
  • Alasthor
  • Mariana Rosselli
Un resentimiento de provincia

Un resentimiento de provincia

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