Tribute Ed Lachman


Steven Soderbergh
USA 1999
91 min

Dave Wilson, a British ex-con, fresh out of prison, goes to L.A. He is convinced that his daughter, who supposedly died in an accident, was murdered. However, he quickly learns that his old-fashioned code of honor is completely out of place in the world of Los Angeles druglords and heavies. Elaine, an actress who knew his daughter, forces Wilson to look at his own failures as a father. His investigations are helped by Ed, one of his daughters friends. They find out that the girl had an affair with Terry Valentine, a sleazy record producer. In the end, it all comes down to a hefty confrontation between Valentine and the Limey.

  • Terence Stamp - Dave Wilson
  • Peter Fonda - Terry Valentine
  • Ann Warren - Elaine Lesley
  • Lern Dobbs
  • Ed Lachman
  • Jim Webb
  • Sarah Flack
  • Cliff Martinez
  • Gary Frutkoff
  • Louise Frogley
Aficionado Productions

Summit Entertainment

35 mm
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