Albert Serra
F, P, E, D 2019
132 min

The excluding stage for this beautiful provocation against Puritanism – an archaic but still prevailing (and maybe even fashionable in contemporary cinema) moral position – is a forest between Potsdam and Berlin. At night, members of the late 18thcentury French court (recently expelled for being libertines) meet the Duke of Walchen and his followers not only on grounds of philosophical solidarity but also to exercise the free pleasures proclaimed by the syllogisms they defend.
LIBERTÉ is constrained to the register of an erotic praxis (unaware of decorum rules and so-called good taste) without an iota of pornography because these collectively-pursued pleasures are simply not at service of biological reproduction, nor of consolidating romantic love. The accumulation of sex scenes, barely interrupted by incomplete conversations, avoid porno aesthetics because of the darkness that dominates the scenes and because the dialectics of seeing and not seeing is the ubiquitous formal principle that sustains perfection in each shot. (Roger Koza)

In the presence of Albert Serra and Montse Triola (producer).

  • Helmut Berger - Duc de Walchen
  • Marc Susini - Comte de Tésis
  • Iliana Zabeth - Mademoiselle de Jensling
  • Laura Poulvet - Mademoiselle de Geldöbel
  • Baptiste Pinteaux - Duc de Wand
  • Albert Serra
  • Artur Tort
  • Jordi Ribas
  • Albert Serra
  • Ariadna Ribas
  • Artur Tort
  • Ferran Font
  • Marc Verdaguer
  • Rosa Tharrats
Idéale Audience, Rosa Filmes, Andergraun Films, Lupa Film

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