Key, washer, coin

Alan Segal
Argentinien, USA 2018
15 min

An unclassifiable film that swerves between the realms of conceptualism, comedy, sound art, every-day anecdote and a grim accounting of our “society of control”. Departing from the weird experience of being a “language strategist” in a modern work-place, it sketches out multiple systems of words, symbols, diagrams, gestures and ex-changes – only to deconstruct them, and constantly return us to the realm of “pure signifiers”, the noise that exist before any identifiable meaning, the lines and colours that precede a recognisable image. In a world of logos designed to emotionally manipulate us, Segal values our perceptual freedom. (Adrian Martin)

  • Samuel Breslin
  • Carolina Fandiño Salcedo
  • Alan Segal
  • Martín Touzon
  • Miel Bargman
  • Alan Segal
  • Pablo Bernst
  • Alan Segal
Alan Segal, Filmy Wiktora

Alan Segal

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