Stephen Kijak, Paul Marchand
USA 2014
110 min

JACO tells the story of Jaco Pastorius, a self-taught, larger-than-life musician who single-handedly changed the course of modern music by redefining the sound and the role of the electric bass guitar. Never-before-seen 8mm film, photographs, and audio recordings unveil the true story behind the legend of Jaco’s life, his music, and his heartbreaking end. Featuring Joni Mitchell, Sting, Flea, Herbie Hancock, Geddy Lee, Bootsy Collins, Santana, Wayne Shorter and more, JACO will leave you longing for a time when “musicians owned the music industry.”

  • Paul Marchand
  • Robert Trujillo
  • Roger De Giacomi
  • Paul Marchand
  • Jaco Pastorius
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Flea
  • Sting
  • Carlos Santana
  • Herbie Hancock
  • Wayne Shorter
  • Robert Trujillo
  • Jerry Jemmott
  • Peter Erskine
  • Bootsy Collins
Passion Pictures

Lorenzo Esparza

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