Ingrid Caven. Musique et voix

Bertrand Bonello
FRA 2012
98 min

Ingrid Caven offers a rich repertoire of songs in French, German and occasionally English; at times, she dispenses with words and simply plays with sounds. Her pieces range from traditional ballads to abstract performance pieces. Really a tribute from one artist to another, this is a unique opportunity to experience caven’s special magic.

“On may 3, 2006, I saw Ingrid Caven’s show at the Cité de la Musique in Paris. I knew her albums, her music, her voice, but I had never seen her perform live. What I discovered that evening was like nothing I had ever seen before. And there was just one more show left, the following night. I absolutely had to film her.” (Bertrand Bonello)

In the presence of Bertrand Bonello and Ingrid Caven.

  • Josee Deshaies
  • Fabrice Rouaud
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Pascale Ramonda

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