Alter der Erde
Glauber Rocha
Brasilien 1980
150 min

\"This film is both a portrait of Brazil and of myself\", stated director Glauber Rocha about his final film <![CDATA[<i>]]>A Idade da Terra<![CDATA[</i>]]>, in an interview shortly before his sudden death at 42 (in 1981, of pneumonia). \"Idade...\" is his artistic epitaph: here you'll find the best and worst of Glauber's exuberant, allegoric, compulsive, revolutionary, verbose, ambitious and very individual style. There is no story-line: it's a collage of long scenes (mostly improvised) with the purpose of \"reinventing Brazilian cinematic art, in the same way Villa-Lobos did with Brazilian music, Portinari and Di Cavalcanti did with Brazilian painting\". He called it an \"anti-symphony\", where cinematic \"noise\" and \"cacophony\" would be part of a revolutionary artistic style. He was outraged by the fact that mainstream cinema still followed 19th-century literary paradigms (the predominance of dialog, narrative and plot over formal experiments) and wanted the movies to \"finally enter the 20th century\", to be as ground- breaking as the modern painting movements.

  • Jece Valadão - Mauricio
  • Ana Maria Magalhães - Clementina
  • Norma Bengell - Sanya
  • Darsteller Maurício do Valle
  • Tarcísio Meira
  • Antonio Pitanga
  • Danusa Leão
  • Geraldo Del Rey
  • Carlos Petrovich
  • Mário Gusmão
  • Glória X
  • Laura Y
  • u.A
Glauber Rocha P.C.
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