Special: Greece

I hope that this won’t take long because I am very busy today and have very little time to spare. I am only doing this because you gave me raki, honey and olive oil.

Maria Theodoraki
GR 2011
5 min

Short film is left to fend for itself more than ever before and few Greek directors return to it once they made features. Eva Stefani’s substantial oeuvre of short documentaries like WHAT TIME IS IT? is therefore unique in that respect. Equally unusual is XXXIII by Theofanis Dalezios, not just for its un-describable premise but also because it has been produced in a dIy celluloid lab that operates in Athens since 2008. THE HUNTER by Loukia Alavanou comes with the force of a notably fresh arrangement of found-footage to hint at a local issue of colonialtype exploitation and MINDFULNESS by Poka-Yio connects a sardonic VO on meditation to our domestic context of unrest. Absence of Greek public funding is a common trait for the short films in our program. Most are made by expatriated artists, like Maria Kourkouta, and RETURN TO AEOLOU STREET is her own plunge in a certain cinematic past of Greece, at a time when everyone else was ignoring or reinventing it. (Vassily Bourikas)

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