Naomi Kawase
Japan, France 2000
164 min

Daiji, a potter, and Ayako, a strip-tease dancer, both live in Nara. They fall for each other but at a very difficult time for both of them. Daiji has recently lost his father, Ayako suffers from a relationship gone wrong and from the thought of an abortion. She decides to return to her home village and to live with her grandmother whom she has not seen for years. But she does not manage to live in peace, as she expected to. Her only hope remains to be able to start a new life with Daiji.

  • Ken Mitsuishi - Madoka
  • Yuko Nakamura - Ayako
  • Toshiya Nagasawa - Daiji
  • Miyako Yamaguchi
  • Toshiyuki Kitami
  • Naomi Kawase
  • Masami Imamoto
  • Eiji Kimura
  • Naomi Kawese
  • Naomi Kawase
  • Naomi Matsuoka
  • Kyoko Heya
Suncent CinemaWorks 6/F, 1-12-9 Hiratsuka, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo 142-0051, Japan T 3 5749 2501

Wild Bunch 47 rue Dumont d'Urville 75016 Paris, Frankreich T 1 71 76 10 00 F 1 71 76 10 10

35 mm
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