The Kindergarten Teacher
Nadav Lapid
Israel, FRA 2014
120 min

In a world that does not appreciate artists, where sensitive souls don’t stand a chance, a poetry-loving kindergarten teacher discovers a child poet and decides to take it upon herself. To nurture him. To save his greatness from the world, to salvage him from the banal, the mediocre and the crude – to save him from life itself. It is the story of a female Don Quixote, who strives to save the world through the poetry of a child, and of a pensive child who has no desire to be saved.
“Between the ages of four and a half and seven years, I wrote around one hundred poems or, more precisely, I told them to my nanny. At the age of seven, I stopped writing poems. It wasn’t until the end of my military service that I began writing again, but never poetry. My parents had put my poems away in a closet and there they remained for 25 years, until I decided to use them for a film. THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER consequently has an obviously autobiographical dimension. But I am as much the child as I am the teacher. The anxiety, the urgency felt by the teacher when faced with the marginalization of a certain art, a sensitivity, are feelings I have experienced myself.” (Nadav Lapid)

In the presence of Nadav Lapid.

  • Sarit Larry - Nira
  • Avi Shnaidman - Yoav
  • Lior Raz - Nira's Husband
  • Hamuchtar - Teacher
  • Ester Rada - Miri
  • Guy Oren - Assi
  • Yehezkel Lazarov - Yoav's Father
  • Dan Toren - Yoav's Uncle
  • Nadav Lapid
  • Shai Goldman
  • Marina Kertez
  • Era Lapid
  • Michael Emet
  • Miguel Merkin
  • Doron Ashkenazi
Pie Films, Haut et Court, Arte France Cinéma

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