Bernard Shakey
USA 2004
87 min

The director of Greendale, Bernard Shakey is much better known as the rock icon Neil Young. Greendale is a feature-length adaptation of Youngs album of the same name. Following the lives of a family in a small town, the films actors lip sync the dialogue as it appears in the songs, which are all present in the versions heard on the CD. The story concerns Arius Green, a friendly old-timer who lives on the Double-E ranch with his family. His son Earl is a struggling painter. When cousin Jed murders Officer Carmichael, there is a media frenzy that brings about the death of Arius. Arius granddaughter Sun Green sets off on a life of social protest. (Perry Seibert)

  • Sarah White - Sun Green
  • Eric Johnson - Jed Green
  • Ben Keith - Großvater Green
  • Erik Markegard - Earth Brown
  • Elizabeth Keith - Großmutter Green
  • James Mazzeo - Earl Green
  • Neil Young
  • Neil Young
  • John Hausman
  • Tim Mulligan
  • Toshi Onuki
  • Neil Young
Shakey Productions/Sanctuary Group 45-53 Sinclair Road London W14 0NS, Grossbritannien F 207 603 5941 Ltd The Studio, 77 Oaklands Grove, London W12 0JE, Grossbritannien T 208 746 2027

35 mm
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