Les Forêts sombres

Dark Forests
Stéphane Breton
FRA, RUS 2014
52 min

At the end of the road lies a track, the very last, a track swamped with the mud of a Siberian autumn, and at the end of this track lies a vast, dark forest which secretes those who have made this their final refuge, in hamlets that fray a little more with every passing day, sapped by misery and alcohol. We have to travel as far as we can, and be prepared to fall into the ditch, to see what makes us human.
Stéphane Breton shoots his films alone, taking care of the cinematography, the sound, and everything else himself. This solitary arrangement is of particular significance: it allows the filmmaker to record his impressions, his memories and his thoughts, but most of all to take in, as quietly as possible, the intimacy of things and people. Breton strives to make his presence felt in his films and to transform his own experience into the film itself, guided by his belief that the onlooker is part of the scene: even though he is not seen in the picture, he is seen by those he films.

  • Stéphane Breton
  • Stéphane Breton
  • Stéphane Breton
  • Catherine Rascon
  • Claude Debussy
  • Denis Lavant
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