Female Pervert

Lee Jiyoung
USA, Korea 2015
62 min

Phoebe is a lonely video game designer seeking a true connection in the modern world. Unfortunately, she doesn’t relate to people like most in “normal society”. So she starts seeing a therapist, she changes her diet and joins a book club. As her path to self improvement unfurls, some of her more eccentric interests lead her down a darker path. She meets a few men along the way, hoping to spark a love connection. But her perversions are hard to suppress. Will she be able to change? Or will she accept her fate as a female pervert?

In the presence of Lee Jiyoung and Dave Bonawits (cut).

  • Jennifer Kim - Phoebe
  • Joshua Mikel - Allen
  • Brian Cafferty - Ryan
  • Skizz Cyzyk
  • Jesse Price
  • Kate McManus
  • Taylor Procto
  • Eddie Ray
  • Lee Jiyoung
  • Alexander Sablow
  • Bob Gillespie
  • Dave Bonawits
East Main Video LLC

BGP Film

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