Entre dos aguas

Between Two Waters
Isaki Lacuesta
ESP 2018
135 min

In 2006, LA LEYENDA DEL TIEMPO surprised everyone by mixing documentary and fiction to tell the heartbreaking story of a 12-year- old kid, Israel, who stops singing flamenco after his father’s death. “Isra” lived in the San Fernando Island, the place where the mythic flamenco cantaor Camarón de la Isla was born. And the title of the film was taken from this singer’s most famous album, a record that also mixed tradition and modernity. Twelve years later, Lacuesta returns to the same place to find – like Abbas Kiarostami in LIFE, AND NOTHING MORE and in many other films – what happened to his main character. He finds Isra leaving jail after a conviction for selling drugs. Using a similar style as in the previous film, Lacuesta constructs a tale that feels like it’s happening in front of our eyes. What then was a “coming of age” story now fits the mold of a “second opportunity” kind of film. Will Isra be able to return to his life, his wife, his daughters? Will he be able to find a job or, in the middle of the tough economic situation of the island, would he be forced to return to his criminal activities? Lacuesta, again, finds truth in every detail, in every choice, in every shot. This film is life, and nothing more. (Diego Lerer)

  • Israel Gómez Romero
  • Francisco José Gómez Romero
  • Fran Araujo
  • Isa Campo
  • Isaki Lacuesta
  • Diego Dussuel
  • Amanda Villavieja
  • Alejandro Castillo
  • Sergi Dies
  • Raul Refree
  • Kiko Veneno
La Termita Films, B-Team Productions, All Go Movies, Mallerich Films, Bord Cadre Films, Studio Indie Productions

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