Aoyama Shinji
J 2005

2015: The worlds major cities are decimated by a terrible plague, a highly contagious virus that strikes its victims first with unbearable dread, then with overwhelming despair. A fatal disease without a cure: The Lemming Syndrome. In an isolated country mansion, two musicians Mizui and Asuhara live in seclusion, devoting themselves to the creation of pure sound far from the trappings of fame and success they have experienced in the corrupt and dangerous city. They are visited by an ageing plutocrat, his desperately sick granddaughter and a detective, who believes that in the music made by Mizui and Asuhara lies the seed of hope that the old mans granddaughter can be saved. In the vast, changeless stillness of nature, the musicians begin to play.

  • Asano Tadanobu - Mizui
  • Miyazaki Aoi - Hana
  • Okada Mariko - Navi
  • Nakahara Masaya - Asuhara
  • Tsutsui Yasutaka - Miyagi
  • Toda Masahiro - Natsuishi
  • Aoyama Shinji
  • Kikuchi Nobuyuki
  • Tamura Masaki
  • Aoyama Shinji
  • Nagashima Hiroyuki
  • Shimizu Takeshi
Rumble Fish, Inc. 3-30-11 Sanno, Ota-ku Tokyo 143-0023, Japan T 3 57 18 87 60

Wild Bunch 99 rue de la Verrerie 75004 Paris, Frankreich T 1 53 01 50 26,

35 mm
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