Best Intentions
Adrian Sitaru
RO, H, FRA 2011
105 min

Alex, in his mid-thirties, is a quite neurotic character. When his mother is hospitalized with a stroke, the caring son’s life gets out of track. At the hospital he finds himself in a burlesque kind of human zoo full of unexpected characters and surprising events. Trying to manage the situation in-between everybody’s advice, he’s becoming hypochondriac. While his mother seems to feel perfectly fine, Alex is making his own set of mistakes – throughout with best intentions.
I lived the story from my own point of view, of course. When I told the story for the first time, it was like a diary, telling what had happened and what my impressions were, how I watched the world. But I wanted to give up my own perspective, to be able to be less subjective, and to try to imagine what was happening in the minds of the people around me – which, after all, is fiction. (...) We shot in cinemascope because Adrian Silis¸teanu, the director of photography, and I thought it was closer to the human point of view. This format gave me what I had wanted from the beginning – an in-depth and a left-right mise-en-scène. (Adrian Sitaru)

  • Bogdan Dumitrache - Alex
  • Natasa Raab - Mutter
  • Alina Grigore - Delia
  • Marian Râlea - Vater
  • Adrian Sitaru
  • Adrian Silisteanu
  • Tamás Zányi
  • Andrei Gorgan
Hi Film, Cor Leonis Films, 4Proof Film, Movie Partners in Motion

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35 mm
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