Jacques Audiard
FRA 2015
100 min

Winner of the Palme d’Or at this year’s Cannes, this powerful drama from Jacques Audiard follows Dheepan, a former Tamil Tiger soldier, as he flees from the aftermath of the Sri Lankan civil war to begin a new life in a Parisian suburb. He and Yalini are strangers in a refugee camp, but they cobble together a fake family with young Illayaal.
Audiard establishes the ruthlessly pragmatic ways of these three war survivors early on. Once in the outskirts of Paris, they must use those same skills to navigate their crime-ridden housing complex. Securing their position in France means making their false family real, but past violence and present threats combine to exert a rising pressure that is bound to explode. Audiard finds both dramatic opportunity and moral depth in this migrant tale. (Piers Handling)

  • Vincent Rottiers - Brahim
  • Antonythasan Jesuthasan - Dheepan
  • Kalieaswari Srinivasan - Yalini
  • Claudine Vinasithamby - Illayaal
  • Marc Zinga - Joussouf
  • Jacques Audiard
  • Thomas Bidegain
  • Noé Debré
  • Eponine Momenceau
  • Daniel Sobrino
  • Valérie Deloof
  • Juliette Welfling
  • Nicolas Jaar
  • Michel Barthélémy
  • C. Bourrec
Why Not Productions, Page 114, France 2 Cinéma

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