Tribute Lauren Bacall


Vincente Minnelli
USA 1955
123 min

The Cobweb is one of the best of Minnellis 1950s dramas, set in an up-market psychiatric clinic with Richard Widmark as the head man, Gloria Grahame as the unusually sexual wife and mother, Lauren Bacall as the unusually maternal «other woman». It is this inversion which disrupts the paternal law and and the home: a worried Widmark appears to be losing his place in both, and only when the two women are back in conventional place can sanity be restored. Minnelli choreographs this fascinating melodrama with the same style and dynamism he brought to his famous musicals. (Jane Clarke)

  • Richard Widmark - Dr. Stewart McIver
  • Lauren Bacall - Meg Faversen Rinehart
  • Charles Boyer - Dr. Douglas N. Devanal
  • Gloria Grahame - Karen McIver
  • Lillian Gish - Victoria Inch
  • John Kerr - Steven Holte
  • Susan Strasberg - Sue Brett
  • John Paxton nach einer Vorlage von William Gibson
  • George J. Folsey
  • Wesley C. Miller
  • Harold F. Kress
  • Conrad A. Nervig
  • Leonard Rosenman
  • Edwin B. Willis
  • F. Keogh Gleason
  • Helen Rose
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35 mm
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