Ramin Bahrani
USA 2007
84 min

Alejandro is a Latino street orphan who lives and works in an auto-body shop in Willet's Point, New York. In the early scenes, Bahrani emphasizes Alejandro's industriousness, portraying him as he delivers his sales pitch to subway passengers or attracting potential clients to his shop. Though his boss, Rob, treats Alejandro with a brusque, no-nonsense manner that could almost be construed as fatherly, the boy has no parental figures. When he is reunited with his 16-year-old sister Isamar after she too comes to live in Rob's shop, he still seems more like the grown-up of the pair. His ambition to buy a food van in order to secure them a stable livelihood turns out to be far beyond his reach. (...) What is most remarkable about Chop Shop is not its intelligence or humanity, or Bahrani's increasing fluency with the cinematic language he learned from the gods of neo-realism, Italians and Iranians in particular. It is how convincingly he fuses his characters with their environment. (Jason Anderson)

  • Alejandro Polanco - Alejandro
  • Isamar Gonzales - Isamar
  • Rob Sowulski - Rob
  • Carlos Zapata - Carlos
  • Ahmad Razvi - Ahmad
  • Anthony Felton - Carlos' Onkel
  • Everlisse «Lilah» Ortiz - Lilah
  • Ramin Bahrani
  • Bahareh Azimi
  • Michael Simmonds
  • Christof Gebert
  • Ramin Bahrani
  • M.Lo
  • Richard Wright
  • Daphne Javitch
Big Beach 41 Great Jones St. Fifth Floor5 New York, NY 10012, USA T 212 473 5800

The Works International Joy Wong Portland House 4 Great Portland Street London, W1W 8QJ, Großbritannien T 20 7612 1080

Stadtkino Filmverleih Spittelberggasse 3/3 1070 Wien T 1 522 48 14
35 mm
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