Les Chats de l'Atalante

The Cats of the Atalante
Karl Heil
DEU 2013
15 min

The film based on L’ATALANTE (1934) by Jean Vigo focuses on the scenes in which cats appear. The artist/painter Harald V Uccello manufactured 140 drawings of them. The young actor Anton von Lucke speaks the original dialogues off-camera. The musician Tobias Giezendanner rearranges the music of Maurice Jaubert and plays it on the bandoneon off-camera as well. The film is a representational discourse between cinema, painting, music and poetry.

In the presence of Karl Heil.

  • Karl Heil
  • Frank Behnke
  • Tobias Giezendanner
  • Anton von Lucke
  • Harald V Uccello
Karl Heil Filmproduktion, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

Karl Heil Filmproduktion

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