Chasing Butterflies
Otar Iosseliani
FRA, I, DEU 1992
115 min

Otar Iosseliani’s whimsical comedy of social decline in contemporary France follows the peculiar activities of two elderly ladies, Marie-Agnès de Bayonnette and her cousin Solange, and their eccentric neighbors in a small village drenched in old world charm. Isolated from the modern world, the villagers nostalgically maintain their aristocratic life of leisure and luxury, quarreling over property boundaries and counting their assets before blindfolded guards. The unexpected death of a wealthy landowner provides the perfect opportunity for progress to sneak in, as eager relatives, antique traders, and greedy realtors can't wait to profit from the valuable estate.

  • Narda Blanchet - Solange
  • Thamar Tarassaschvili - Marie-Agnès de Bayonnette
  • Alexandre Tscherkassoff - Henri de Lampadère
  • Pierrette Pompom Bailhache - Valérie
  • Alexandra Liebermann - Hélène
  • Lilia Ollivier - Olga
  • Anne-Marie Eisenschitz - Marie
  • Emmanuel de Chauvigny - Pater André
  • Otar Iosseliani
  • William Lubtchansky
  • Gérard Lamps
  • Alix Comte
  • Holger Gimpel
  • Axel Arft
  • Otar Iosseliani
  • Ursula West
  • Joceline Ruiz
  • Nathalie Alquier
  • Nicolas Zourabischvili
  • Emmanuel de Chauvigny
  • Charlotte David
Pierre Grise Productions, Best International Film, Sodaperaga, France 3 Cinéma, Metropolis Filmproduktion
Pierre Grise Productions
35 mm
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