Camille redouble

Camille Rewinds
Noémie Lvovsky
FRA 2012
115 min

An emotionally distressed woman goes in search of her lost youth in this bittersweet French time-travel comedy. Noémie Lvovsky directs, co-writes and stars as Camille, a 40-year-old Parisian drowning in alcoholic anguish after splitting up from her former childhood sweetheart Eric after 25 happy years together. In the depths of her boozy despair, at a snowy new year’s eve party, she experiences a kind of fairy-tale flash- back and wakes up in 1985. She is still attending school, her late mother is alive again, and she has a bright yellow portable cassette player buzzing with cheesy 80’s Europop hits. Fate, it seems, has granted Camille a second chance. But destiny is not so easily persuaded, and Camille eventually comes to learn that some life choices can be changed while others must simply be embraced. (Stephen Dalton) 

  • Noémie Lvovsky - Camille
  • Samir Guesmi - Eric
  • Yolande Moreau
  • Michel Vuillermoz
  • Denis Podalydès
  • Mathieu Almaric
  • Noémie Lvovsky
  • Maud Ameline
  • Pierre-Olivier Mattei
  • Florence Seyvos
  • Jean-Marc Fabre
  • Olivier Mauvezin
  • Michel Klochendler
  • Jeff Genie
  • Frédérique Lapierre
  • Madeline Fontaine
F Comme Film, Cine@


35 mm
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