Bucking Broadway

John Ford
USA 1917
44 min

A John Ford film, missing for more than 70 years, has been discovered in archives in France. Bucking Broadway stars Fords favourite silent film cowboy, Harry Carey, who had the lead role in 26 of the directors films, mostly in the Cheyenne Harry-series. In this newly discovered film, the heros girlfriend is carried off to New York, and he and his posse ride down Broadway to rescue her. The similarities to The Searchers are obvious: real men ride into town to protect their womenfolk. (Peter Bradshaw)

  • Harry Carey
  • Molly Malone
  • L.M. Wells
  • Vester Pegg
  • William Steele
  • Gertrude Astor
  • George Hively
  • Jack (= John) Ford
  • Ben F. Reynolds
  • John W. Brown
  • Donald Sosin
Universal Film Manufacturing Company

Centre National de la Cinématographie, Archives du Film (CNC)7 bis rue Alexandre Turpault78395 Bois dArcy, FrankreichT 1 30 14 80 54

35 mm
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