Brimstone & Glory

Viktor Jakovleski
USA, Mexico 2017
67 min

BRIMSTONE & GLORY is a poetical documentary about a small Mexican city devoted to a week-long fireworks festival. “Burning Man has nothing on tultepec’s charging toritos and explod-ing castillos. Mexico’s weeklong national pyrotechnic Festival is sheerunbridled madness. Scars that tourists take away from fireworks-exploding bulls and towering infernos are earned with pleasure, apparently, as this dynamic documentary keeps explanation to a minimum while maximizing the experiential through GoPro camera POVs and gorgeous abstractions. Filmmaker Jakovleski has created a visually rapturous, immersive, sensory experience of this extraordinary event, capturing the danger and mayhem in all its glory.” (Edward Havens)

  • Tobias von den Borne
  • Damian Volpe
  • MPSE
  • Affonso Goncalves
  • Dan Romer
  • Benh Zeitlin
  • Juan Alberto «chincolas» Cervantes Aduna
  • Esau Santiago Sánchez Velázquez
  • Amauri Sanabria Urbán
  • Inocenta Gomez Santos
  • Roberto Sánchez Olvera
  • Claudia Velázquez Gomez
The Department of Motion Pictures, Cinereach, Court 13 Pictures

Mongrel International

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