Stanton Kaye
USA 1969
69 min

Stanton Kaye was one of the brightest lights of the American independent cinema that flourished in the 60’s, fueled by the work of directors like John Cassavetes, Morris Engel and Jim McBride. Released in 1969, Kaye’s second feature, BRANDY IN THE WILDERNESS, is a dazzling film à clef made in partnership with Kaye’s then-girlfriend Michaux French (later a noted film academic and psychoanalyst). Both Kaye and French appear onscreen as barely veiled versions of themselves: his Simon Weiss is an aspiring filmmaker with an acclaimed avant-garde short behind him, now creatively paralyzed by that early success; her Brandy is a neurotic advertising copywriter who asks Simon to direct a film about her life. Brandy was itself instigated by similar means, and as the movie winds its way from New York to LA (with pit stops in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Nevada along the way), the line between real and reel life becomes ever more tenuous. We see the events twice, once from each character’s p.o.v., complete with dueling voiceover narrations and an inspired grab-bag of montage effects. Now, after many years in the cinematic wilderness, BRANDY has been beautifully restored from the original 16mm negative, and a masterpiece of the American new wave stands to be noted. (Scott Foundas)

In the presence of Stanton Kaye.

  • Stanton Kaye - Simon Weiss
  • Michaux French - Brandy
  • Allan McCollum - as himself
  • Michaux French
  • Stanton Kaye
  • Stanton Kaye
  • Stanton Kaye
  • Susan Pottish
  • Masako Takahashi
Stanton Kaye, Michaux French
Stanton Kaye, Brandon French
35 mm
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