Mouth of the Wolf, The
Pietro Marcello
I 2009

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Vintage images of a city on the decline are woven into the story of a couple separated for decades by prison bars in La bocca del lupo. This hauntingly beautiful, practically uncategorizable film by Pietro Marcello takes the story of jailbird Enzo and his transsexual partner Mary.
Pietro Marcello invests the pair’s story with a reflection on the shifting fate of Genoa, a once-flourishing city with an impressive artistic and industrial heritage that fell into decline during the 20th century. Through material ranging from 1920’s homemovies to scenes of massive ship launches and dynamited machinery, Marcello pays a mournful tribute to the city’s degeneration. Its fortunes are compared with those of shipwrecked survivors – a comparison that also fits Enzo and Mary.
Marcello’s images are unselfconsciously poetic, often caught at the exact moment when sunlight brings out the richness in every hue. The soundtrack, too, is confidently layered, incorporating offscreen voices, narration, music and direct sound in ways that draw viewers in and keep them there.(Jay Weissberg)

In the presence of Pietro Marcello.

  • Mary Monaco - Mary
  • Enzo Motta - Enzo
  • Pietro Marcello
  • Emanuele Vernillo
  • Pietro Marcello
  • Sara Fgaier
  • ERA (Sänger: Vincenzo Motta
  • Mary Monaco)
Indigo Film, L’Avventurosa Film, RAI Cinema, Babe Films


35 mm
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