Retrospektive 2012

The Blue Gardenia

Fritz Lang
USA 1952, 1953
90 min

Based on a story by Vera Caspary, THE BLUE GARDENIA is a late thriller in the film noir style and the first of Lang's "newspaper noir" movie trio. With WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS and BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, THE BLUE GARDENIA criticizes newspaper coverage of a sensational murder case. The film involves the viewer in its storytelling, and sweeps one along.

  • Raymond Burr
  • Richard Erdman
  • Celia Lovsky
  • George Reeves
  • Frank Ferguson
  • Anne Baxter
  • Richard Conte
  • Ann Sothern
  • Jeff Donnell
  • Ruth Storey
  • Ray Walker
  • Nat King Cole
  • Alex Gottlieb
  • Fay Baker
  • Charles Hoffman
  • nach der Novelle «The Gardenia» von Vera Caspary
  • Nicholas Musuraca
  • Ben Winkler
  • Edward Mann
  • Raoul Kraushaar
  • Lied «Blue Gardenia» von Bob Russell
  • Lester Lee
  • Daniel Hall
  • Maria P. Donovan
  • Izzy Berne
  • Alex Gottlieb
Blue Gardenia Productions/Gloria Films, Warner Bros. Pictures Inc.
35 mm
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