Blue Boy

Manuel Abramovich
Argentina, D 2019
19 min

Seven men in Romania stare into the camera; behind them blink the blurry lights and colours of bars that resemble Nicolas Winding Refn film sets. These men are not Warhol superstars, and so they are not at ease before the merciless lens; they smile, fidget, glance of-screen nervously. They appear to be listening and reacting to disembodied audio recordings, probably of themselves, recounting (in different languages) various experiences of gay prostitution. Money rates, harassment by cops, ambiguous sexual orientation ... Eventually, the filmmaking itself becomes a transaction like all the rest. (Adrian Martin)

  • Florin
  • Razvan
  • Michel
  • Stefan
  • Mihail
  • Marius
  • Rafael
  • Manuel Abramovich
  • Manuel Abramovich
  • Francisco Pedemonte
  • Cătălin Cristuţiu
Manuel Abramovich

Manuel Abramovich

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