Bob Rafelson
USA, GBR 1996
101 min

Jack Nicholson is a Florida wine dealer whose business is going broke, whose wife wants to leave him, and whose stepson hates him. He hooks up with a tubercular British exile to steal a million-dollar diamond necklace. Bob Rafelson worked with Nicholson on Five Easy Pieces, The King of Marvin Gardens and The Postman Always Rings Twice. This is a return to the tone of their best work; all the major characters are villains or victims. (...) I like movies like this: I like the way the actors are forced to commit to them, to work without a net. When Rafelson and Nicholson find the right material, it must be a relief for them to fall back into what they know so well how to do, to handle hard scenes like easy pieces. (Roger Ebert)

  • Jack Nicholson - Alex Gates
  • Judy Davis - Suzanne Gates
  • Michael Caine - Victor Spansky
  • Stephen Dorff - Jason
  • Jennifer Lopez - Gabriel
  • Nick Villiers
  • Alison Cross nach einer Vorlage von Nick Villiers und Bob Rafelson
  • Newton Thomas Sigel
  • Leslie Shatz
  • Steven Cohen
  • Michal Lorenc
  • Richard Sylbert
  • Lindy Hemming
Recorded Picture Company, The Rank Organisation, Jeremy Thomas Productions, Fox Searchlight Pictures, Marmont Productions, Blood & Wine Productions
HanWay Films
Concorde Film
35 mm
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