Tribute to Peter Nestler


Bilder aus Vietnam
Peter Nestler
Schweden 1972
24 min

The media have been littered with horrific photographs from the Vietnam War. Initially the images led to protests against the terrors of war, later they made viewers numb to the crimson legacy. Nestler's film, however, explores another side of the Vietnam War. Using photographs by Thomas Billhardt, he shows that the war's other victim was an ancient civilization and the destruction of a foreign culture.

  • Peter Nestler
  • Zsóka Nestler
  • SVT-Team
  • Peter Nestler
  • Thomas Billhardt
Sveriges Radio (jetzt: Sveriges Televison AB)105 10 Stockholm, Schweden, T 8 784 00 00, F 8 784 15 00

SVT, Tevearkivet Kundtjänst, 105 10 Stockholm, Schweden, T 8 784 57 00,

16 mm
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