Belleville Baby

Mia Engberg
S 2013
75 min

Documentary filmmaker Mia Engberg’s work often has an investigative nature. In the project DIRTY DIARIES (2009) she examined the possibilities for alternative porn. Her new film BELLEVILLE BABY is a poetic depiction of a personal history. All of the sudden she hears from her ex-boyfriend Vincent, who has been missing for ten years. He has been in prison and now asks Mia to help him remember their time together. The film weaves together recorded phone calls with video images from the couple’s time together, stills from now and then and also newly shot sequences. The atmosphere demonstrates how memories are completely subjective. The question is whether it’s possible to have a close relationship without using the other for your own purposes. (Göteborg Film Festival)

  • Mia Engberg
  • Olivier Desautel - Vincents Stimme
  • Mia Engberg
  • Mia Engberg
  • Jan Alvermark
  • Mia Engberg
  • Michael Wenzer
Story AB, Sveriges Television

Story AB

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