Azuma Mieko
DEU, Japan 2011
84 min

Johanna, a German writer about whom we know precious little, apart from the fact that her mother is losing her memory, goes to Hiroshima during the commemoration of the bombing. Guided by a young Japanese translator, she meets witnesses and residents, but just like Alain Resnais (Hiroshima mon amour) or Suwa Nobuhiro (H Story), she fails to gauge anything other than the distance separating her from the place she finds herself in and from the motive for going there in the first place. (...) Sliding from documentary to acted scenes in a disturbing, tenuous way, Azuma invents her own cinematographic language which evokes both the difficulty of transmission and the need to use obstacles in order to reinforce the path of memory. (Jean-Pierre Rehm)

On October 31 in the presence of Mieko Azuma.

  • Sylvana Krappatsch - Johanna Schneider
  • Otsuka Hirota - Hirota, der Dolmetscher
  • Azuma Mieko
  • Takahashi Yoshihito
  • Magnus Pflüger
  • Azuma Mieko
  • Murashima Keiko
if... Productions ZDF, HFF München Twin M Company

if... Productions

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