From the Heart of the World


Aktan Abdykalykow
Kyrgyzstan 1997
10 min

Under the streaming, bright sun the twin brothers Assan and Ussen march in a line along the road taking turns carrying a pail of water. A conflict develops between the two and they grapple with one another. An old man calms them down and separates them. Extending their best wishes the brothers carefreely resume their way.

  • Assan Dschumabekow
  • Ussen Dschumabekow
Kirgisfilm Studio, Dinara Asanowa Street 1 720030 Bischkek, Kirgisistan, T 312 25 43 12, F 312 25 30 68

Arkeion Films, 6 rue de St. Petersbourg, 75008 Paris, Frankreich, T 1 44 70 98 98,

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