Anton tut ryadom

Anton’s Right Here
Lyubov Arkus
Russland 2012
110 min

Anton, an autistic boy, lives with his mother in a shabby flat on the outskirts of a large city. Lyubov Arkus meets her future hero not long before his mother gets severely ill. Now Anton himself is facing institutionalization in a mental health nursing home, where he would inevitably perish, for people with a diagnosis like his don’t live long in there. Fighting for Anton makes up the film’s external plot, while the internal, the main plot, is conveyed by a camera that minute by minute diminishes the distance between the author and the character. The moment comes when the author has to enter the frame and become an actress in this story about an encounter and personal choice, about pride and patience, and about the borders between a human and a human.


In the presence of Lyubov Arkus.

  • Lyubov Arkus
  • Alisher Khamidkhodzhaev
  • Georgy Ermolenko
  • Georgy Ermolenko
  • Max Richter
Seance Workshop, CTB Film Company

Intercinema Agency

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