Image of movie Zabij to i wyjedz z tego miasta
Image of movie Zabij to i wyjedz z tego miasta
Image of movie Zabij to i wyjedz z tego miasta

Zabij to i wyjedz z tego miasta

Kill It and Leave This Town
Mariusz Wilczyński
Poland 2019
88 min

Over a decade in the making, this landmark in politically-conscious adult-oriented European animation is Mariusz Wilczyński’s attempt to make sense of his world and times via a phantasmagorically surreal vision of his post-industrial home city of Łodz. A parade of often-hideous imagery conjures a nightmarish dystopia through which struggle the economically and socially oppressed, psychologically tormented characters (voice-artists include Andrzej Wajda.) Human and animal forms commingle disturbingly in extravagantly imaginative, often violent and/or sexual tableaux, executed with spindly-minimalist virtuosity – Wilczyński landed the Special Jury Award at the world’s leading animation festival, Annecy. Writing in the wake of the film’s warmly-received premiere at the Berlinale, Variety reviewer Jessica Kiang hailed it as “an utterly bizarre, frequently grotesque, occasionally obscene singularity ... [which] exists so far outside the realm of the expected, the acceptable and the neatly comprehensible that it acts as a striking reminder of just how narrow that realm can be.” The sole ray of hope in the stygian gloom is perhaps the bluesy soundtrack by the late Tadeusz Nalepa of cult 1970s band “Breakout”. Moral? Keep on rocking in the “free” world. (Neil Young)

In the presence of Mariusz Wilczyński.

Mariusz Wilczynski: ALLEGRO MA NON TROPPO (1998, K), FOR MY MOTHER AND ME (2000, K), WS ́RÓD NOCNEJ CISZY (2000, K), NIESTETY (2004, K), SMIERC NA 5 (2005, K), KIZI MIZI (2007, K)

  • Krystyna Janda - Janeks mother
  • Andrzej Chyra - Janeks father
  • Maja Ostaszewska - Janek
  • Małgorzata Kozuchowska - Fishmonger´s Assistant
  • Barbara Krafftówna - Mariuszeks mother, old
  • Anna Dymna - Mariuszeks mother, young
  • Marek Kondrat - Mariuszeks father
  • Gustaw Holoubek - Mariuszeks alter ego
  • Mariusz Wilczyński
  • Franciszek Kozlowski
  • Jarosław Barzan
  • Tadeusz Nalepa
  • Mariusz Wilczyński
  • Piotr Szczepanowicz
Bombonierka, Extreme Emotions, Letko, Di Factory, Gigant Films, NoLabel

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