Image of movie Sobre todo de noche
Image of movie Sobre todo de noche
Image of movie Sobre todo de noche

Sobre todo de noche

Foremost By Night
Victor Iriarte
Spain, France, Portugal 2023
105 min
OV w/ EN subtitles

Víctor Iriarte’s debut feature is an exploration of tonal shifts and how they define cinema. The director playfully employs different film historical genres to tell the story of a mother who had to give up her son at birth, the other mother who adopted this same son and the son himself. The background to this plot is the estimated 300,000 newborn children who were abducted during and after the Franco regime. Starring iconic Spanish actresses Ana Torrent and Lola Dueñas, Iriarte’s film is set in the present, thus hinting at a possible way to go on, to find an answer to history. At first, the protagonists are connected through intricate yet isolated movements, linked by invisible threads which could lead anywhere. Later they meet and form a triangle of rare tenderness. The film oscillates between noir, political drama, road movie, melodrama, written correspondence and ghost story, thus questioning the accepted idea that a film’s quality depends on the extent to which you can trust where it’s going and what it’s doing. Yet trust emanates in spades from the two mothers and their son, proof that care and the possibility to narrate one’s own biography is a means to overcome violence and hopeless destinies. (Patrick Holzapfel)

In the presence of Víctor Iriarte.
With the kind support of Accion Cultural Española.


  • Ana Torrent
  • Lola Dueñas
  • Isa Campo
  • Andrea Queralt
  • Pablo Paloma
  • Alazne Ameztoy
  • Ana Pfaff
  • Maite Arroitajauregi
La Termita Films, Atekaleun, CSC Films, Inicia Films, Victor Iriarte, Ukbar Filmes, 4A4 Productions

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Wed 25 Oct
OV w/ EN subtitles
Thu 26 Oct
Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus
OV w/ EN subtitles
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